Our Mission

Rejuvenate Beauty Company is passionate about empowering real beauty while restoring dignity and joy to the beautiful.  Rejuvenate Beauty Company is a family-run business based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Every batch of our handcrafted coffee scrub is made from premium organic and natural ingredients because, we think that good products should actually be good for you. 
While we’re excited about good-for-you beauty products, we’re passionate about our mission of putting all of this goodness to work. “How,” you might ask? Well, what if a bag of our coffee scrub could put food on the table for a family in West Africa? Provide education for a child in Vietnam or housing for a single mom and her children in Thailand? What if buying a simple beauty product could create a job for a woman being rescued from trafficking? We believe it can. And that’s why we’ve partnered internationally with Fair Trade farmers and compassion organizations, sourcing our ingredients from some amazing folks who are providing jobs, dignity and freedom to those who need it most.
Imagine that… a beauty product that rejuvenates your body while literally transforming communities around the world. We call that #beauty4beauty
So here’s our commitment: when you buy any Rejuvenate product, you’re joining us in empowering real beauty and restoring hope in beautiful ways around the world. Curious to learn more about our partners? Check out this video on Cyimbili Coffee to see what inspired us to start Rejuvenate Beauty Co.